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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Children's Work

Mighty Metals


The children this half term have been learning about Forces and Magnetism in their topic and science learning.  There has been a link in their literacy learning with the topic Mighty Metals as we have been learning the story of the Iron Man.

As part of this learning they have made their own Iron People out of junk during DT as well as making their spinners; linked to forces, and learning how to emboss patterns using foil as a medium.  The idea of this was to encourage the children to think about the tools needed to produce different effects.


For Arts Week we investigated the poems from the book Lost Words and focused on the poem Starling and Weasel.  The children learnt to sketch a weasel and then reflected on the picture to attempt two further sketches.  All the children were impressed with the results they produced.  They are also learnt to make origami birds for a whole class picture based on the poems.

Mighty Metals

Urban Pioneers


For our science in the second part of the autumn term, Year 3 investigated light and shadows.  They enjoyed making the models of Stonehenge and looked at how the shadows would change throughout the day as the sun changed position in the sky.  Year 3 furthered their knowledge of this in the Urban Pioneers project by looking at how buildings in their hometown of Bridport could change dependent on the light reflecting on parts of the building and the shadows creating different effects.  We focused on St Mary’s Church, the history and the visual appearance, and then spent time sketching the building with a focus on light and dark.  The children developed their sketching by undertaking a 30-second sketch, 1-minute sketch and then a 10-minute sketch of the same topic to see just how much attention to detail they could achieve.  

The children all really loved doing this and persevered to produce some lovely results.

As part of the Urban Pioneers topic, the children also investigated Berlin and Bridport to look at the different geographical features of both a city and town, discussing similarities and differences before then working in groups to design their fantasy town using the geographical features as a reference for their own maps.  They came up with some very creative ideas on how to improve Bridport and create a town that they would find interesting to live in.

Urban Pioneers

Tribal Tales


Our Tribal Tales topic culminated in an exciting Stone Age to Iron Age museum where the children showed off Stone Age tools, Neolithic carvings, Stonehenge paintings and their general knowledge of the time period.  The children enjoyed answering questions, showing off the artefacts and performing a rendition of We Will Rock You; Stone Age Style.

The last part of the Autumn 1 Term saw the children learning to write instructions for washing a woolly mammoth.  They enjoyed practising giving instructions for everyday activities as well as deciding how tricky it would be to actually wash a woolly mammoth.