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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Childrens work

Baylee - Bikeability level 1 news reporter

On Monday the 26th of April Year 6 took part in Bikeability with Ben. They had to bring their bike and a helmet to school with them. One group went in the morning and the other group went in the afternoon with each group session taking 3 hours.


Before the children started, they checked their bikes and their helmets to see if they were safe.  At first the children were practising stopping and starting on their bikes. As I was watched, I saw that the children were practising safely doing a U-turn around cones. Later on, the coach was holding up cards with road signs on: the children had to say what the cards meant. 


Some of the children learned how to do things that they could never do before!  

Emily learned how to signal with her hands for 3-5 seconds; Charlie learned to use his gears (and how many he has); Millie learnt how to turn her bike. 

When the children were done with their Bikeability lesson  I asked them how they felt about it and here is what the children said: 

Emily: “my favourite part was when people were crashing into each other.” 

Heidi: "Before I wasn’t that confident but I feel much more confident now!” 

Frank: "Riding bikes in school is a lot more fun than at home.” 

Connor: “I rode onto Mr Houston's foot.” 


















Oliver E - our Bikeability level 2 news reporter

On the Bike Ability cycle training, my friends, the instructor and I all began our long cycle at school, and slowly made it up to Skilling hill, before returning back to school for break-time. When break finished, we hastily got back on our bikes and left school grounds. At this point in time, I realized just how much I was enjoying the bike training when I was peddling as fast as I could down the St Mary's Park path.

Keeping up with the others, I carefully sped down the narrow path near Askers Meadow, slowly getting closer to Jessop Avenue.

At the start, my goal was to complete the Bike-Ability and that I had done, my group and I had safely and confidently made it from school, all the way to Jessop Avenue. The Bike-Ability level 2 had been successfully completed!


Mary Anning information texts

Fossilised plastic artwork

Year 6 Christmas mug designs

Blitz art inspired by the work of Henry Moore