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Bridport St Mary's

C of E Primary School

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Childrens work

Sheldon - Davred's lunch

Davred Oog sat on the bench in the spacious, depressing empty lunch hall, day dreaming of a better life as a cat. Darvred longed for a life free of worry and freedom. He then opened his Morrison's bag which contained his lunch. Davred’s favourite lunch: Mayonnaise and slugs! As Davred finished his lunch, he realised he was still hungry and Daverd oog was never hungry! So, he fled to the woods to hunt for slugs.


Aimee - A tale of fear

It was another dull day for Ebony Smith, As she sat peacefully on the high grass bank alone at break time, she hummed her favourite depressed songs.

Sitting quietly, Ebony decided that she had something of major importance to tell Mr. Holmes-Good. She hopped off the bank and skipped with excitement towards the year 6 classroom as Mr. Holmes-Good was her favourite TA.

As she approached, she started to hear strange howling noises coming from the room. As she peered through the long, skinny, and dirty window attached to the door she noticed...

A dark figure, who in her eyes seemed egocentric, tall, and manipulating. Ebony panicked, and legged it out the doors to the open.


Xander - That dude again

“Just a step away” “the green grass” one final key move and getting out of this dump would be a cinch. As the clock ticked 3:00 I pulled out the gun. Soon following, a spiral of rapid bullets ran down onto the civilians. “ALL YOUR PENNIES OR YA BRAINS WILL BE SPLATTERED ACROSS THIS CRUMMY BUILDING.” Hearts beating harder than a bass drum. Can't stop won't stop until the deed is done.


The guilt finally seeped in the gun slipped from my hand as I had realised what I've done. I fell to my knees in grief this wasn't me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GET UP” my partner looked at me her face was unrecognisable. “GET UP NOW YOU LITTLE-” I blacked out at that point I don’t know what came over me I...I don’t know.


I woke up to the bright light of the E.R I felt like I had just been dropped of an eight-story building onto my back. I groaned

Anderson shelter design and production

Blitz scene artwork inspired by Henry Moore