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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Class news

Term 4: Burps, Bottoms and Bile. 

What a fantastic term we've had in year 4. W have been learning all about the digestive system. Children learnt about the different type of teeth, their function and what teeth are made of. From here we discussed looking after our teeth, eating good healthy foods and how to brush our teeth. Children took dentist plaque tablets to help learn more about brushing our teeth. They then produced posters all about healthy eating and the amount of sugar in common lunchbox foods. We also explored the rest of the digestive system from the role of saliva in the mouth through an experiment (disgusting pictures below) all the way through to final product. We had a great experiment to demonstrate this process, which many of you saw at our express event. The children really engaged well with this content heavy topic and learnt so much about their bodies and looking after themselves. We hope everyone has a lovely Easter, but as the children will now tell you, perhaps not too much chocolate! 

Preparing for our express event

Digestive process demonstration

Teeth test learning to brush our teeth properly

Healthy eating

Saliva experiment

After Saliva

After water

Term 3: Gods and Mortals: 

This term we learned all about the ancient Greece. The children really enjoyed learning about the Greek Gods and throughout the topic they created their very own booklet  with maps, time lines and lots of facts all about the Ancient Greeks. Due to the abrupt end of term these will be coming home this week! 


We also had a very exciting start to the term with our literacy unit. In literacy we learnt all about writing a finding tale and using suspense. To help the children experience this first hand we set up a scary sensory tent outside the year 3 and 4 classrooms where children could experience crawling, blindfolded into a small dark space and place their hands inside the mystery boxes! Following this we took a trip to Westbay beach to gather ideas for our writing. 


Be sure to check out the children's work page for pictures of the topic booklets, topic homework along with the wonderful 'Finding tales' written in our literacy unit. 


Last term we were planning on recording our Greek topic song but missed out on our last day recording slot. Keep an eye on the page here and we will get a video up shortly! 

Literacy trip: West Bay beach. Gathering ideas and experiences for our writing

Term 2: Misty Mountain, Winding River

This term children had a great time exploring mountains and rivers. We looked at features of mountains and rivers along with famous mountains, mountain ranges and rivers around the world. Finally, we turned out attention to the mountains and rivers of the UK. The children particularly enjoyed our local trips to climb Bothenhampton hill, along with our river walk to examine all three local rivers: the Simene, the Brit and the Asker. 


Make sure you look at the Children's work page for some of the wonderful mountain artwork and topic homework produced for this topic. 

River walk

Bothenhampton Hill hike

Term 1- Playlist

What a fantastic start to year 4 we have had. The children have been working really hard and have really gotten engaged, particularly with our Playlist topic. In this topic we explored the history of music and some key genres. We found out about the origins of music looking at some of the earliest known instruments. To begin exploring traditional and folk music the children made their own didgeridoos and learned how to play these. Next we learnt all about music in Africa and learnt to perform a West African drumming piece called 'Kuku' which is a song to celebrate when tribes have caught lots of fish! Then we jumped forward to the next main genre of music- Classical music. Children learnt all about the instruments of the orchestra and the main strands of classical music and famous composers- Baroque music and J.S Bach, Classical music and Mozart, and Romantic music and Beethoven. This all linked nicely with our science lessons exploring sound, what it is, how its made and how we can change a sound. Finally, we finished our journey by looking at how traditional music (African) and Western classical music was combined to create Blues music in America in the 1900s. The children learned to improvise, write blues verses and sing the blues. You will find pictures of some of our learning below and also be sure to check out the video centre for a recoding of our Blues song and African drumming. You can also find our 'Rags to Riches' stories from literacy on the 'children's work' page! 


Next term we are learning all about Mountains and Rivers! We will have an expedition when we return from half term so go over to the trips and letters page to see a copy of the letter with all the details (this was handed out in school on our final day). 

Playlist topic- Didgeridoos

Some examples of fantastic topic homework