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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Class News

Wednesday 23rd March


Today was our trip to Washingpool farm. It was a fantastic day, and we were lucky to have lovely weather. The day started with our coach trip to Washingpool, many of the children had not been on a coach before. It was extremely exciting, and they loved being so tall and looking at all the shops on the drive through town.

When we arrived, we met Katie who would be our guide for the day. Our first job was to feed the pigs. We went to meet the 5 'medium white' breed pigs. They were very entertaining. First Katie gave them special pig nuts and then explained how much they enjoy all the old, slightly gone off fruit and veg from the shop. We all got to pick something to throw in for the pigs and watch them chase, barge and root around to find the food. We then had time to explore the playground. We headed next to meet the cows. The farm has a herd of Ruby Red cattle. We had to be incredibly quiet entering the barn not to scare the cattle. Slowly the cattle moved forward to say hello. Next, we went off in search of a new lamb on the farm. We walked through the fields passing the Geese on the pond to see a little black lamb and mummy sheltering in the shade. At first the mummy was a little unsure of us, so we kept our distance and had to sneak past in groups to get a closer look. We then climbed the hill and headed back to the classroom. Once there we all enjoyed a picnic with our packed lunches. We then headed back to the playground.

Our afternoon started with a tour of the Polytunnels finding out all the different things that are grown on the farm. We saw the potatoes chitting, we smelt the fresh thyme and saw where the chilli’s had been harvested. Then moving onto the growing fields where we saw Rhubarb that has just been planted and we searched for the new shoots. We then headed back to the classroom to do some planting of our own. We each planted a Giant Sunflower using newspaper to make seedling cases. We brought those back to school to nurture and grow. It was then time to say Goodbye and board the coach back to school. 

Everyone had a fantastic time and although very tired the children managed so well, and the team are extremely proud of them all. :)  

1st March

What a fantastic welcome back from half term.

As a start to book week we had a visit from Antonia and Nicki from 'The Bookshop' on South Street. The children loved listening to the stories, both ladies are amazing at bringing a story to life with their fantastic storytelling. 

We then went to Bridport Library for a trip in the afternoon. At the library we met Rosie and Alice and found out about library cards and the different events the library runs. We had time to explore the amazing selection of children's books and head behind the scenes and discover how the library works including where books go when they are posted through the return slot and where they keep all the Lego :) 

17th February

This week we have changed our role play area to be a garden centre our first task was to check we had enough seed potatoes for the whole class. We left them to grow the all-important shoots for planting and prepared tubs and bags of soil ready for planting. Today we each choose a potatoes to plant. Let’s hope in the summer when we harvest them we have a healthy crop.

For our topic we have been looking at ‘Long Long Ago.’ We have focused on ourselves and how we have changed over the years. Everyone brought in baby photos and loved discussing and sharing them. Then we looked about our family history and made our own Very Important People trees, a variation of a family tree. We all enjoyed talking about the people that are special to us and adding them to our tree. Lastly we have looked at items and discussing if they are old or new and for some what they would have been used for.

7th February

In our maths work we have been exploring shapes in our block area we have been set various challenges to support exploring the characteristics of shapes and their properties.

Our first challenge was to build a tower stronger enough to hold a bucket. It had to have 7 bricks one of which needed to be pointed or curved.

We concluded that towers using the cuboids in the horizontal position likes bricks in a house were really effective, also towers that used a bridge structure as the base of the tower also supported the bucket well.

Our second challenge was to build the tallest tower. Again using 7 bricks with one curved or one pointed. We concluded that again the cuboids where most effective however only when used in the upright position. This caused some balancing issues however everyone showed great perseverance and we had some great heights achieved.

Over this half term we have been exploring the bonds of numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. To do this we having been using the ‘part part whole’ model. This allows us to show our ‘whole’ and then split it into ‘parts’ we have really enjoyed exploring numbers in this way.

27th January - We have been looking at celebrations as part of our RE this half term. Today we learnt about Chinese New Year. We listened to the story of the new year and learnt about the different animals. We heard about different traditions and symbols of good luck. We then had a go at making our own lanterns. It took careful folding and cutting skills, but everyone really enjoyed it.

15th December - We had a fantastic Christmas afternoon with party games, party hats and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. The children made their own party hats choosing different decorations and designs. We played various games including musical statues and pass the parcel. We also had a team game to ‘roll up’ one member of the team using toilet roll. This took team work and some good discussions skills to work together to have the best technique. Everyone had a lovely time with lots of fun and laughter. Merry Christmas everyone.

10th December  - Today was Christmas Fair day. Such an exciting day and so great that we get to take part all thanks to the amazing PTA. We were treated to a visit from Pickle Bottom Elf to start the day and then in the afternoon we got to explore the stalls and play some games. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

13th December  - So proud of reception for taking part in the Key Stage 1 nativity performance you were all amazing and worked really hard to put on a great show for all the adults that attended.

14th December  - This half term our topic has been surrounding puppets. We explored the many different sorts, and purposes for puppets. We really enjoyed making our own small world characters to join our play and we enjoyed performing our own puppet shows. To end our topic we design our own puppets. We had to choose our based material, the type of puppet we wanted to make and what resource we needed to make our puppet. Here are our creations.

8th November  - Today we went on our first wellie walk across the road and along the track to the fields behind the leisure centre. We made journey strips along the way collecting different bits that we could find. We really enjoyed exploring the wood area, jumping in muddle puddles and running through the long wet grass in the field.

14th October – Our first disco Everyone had an amazing time thank you very much to the amazing PTA for organising these events.

12th October  - We have been learning and exploring the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. This week we have had a go at making our very own bread just like the Little Red Hen in the story. Our bread was cheese and chive bread. The children went in groups to the kitchen. They mixed the ingredients, rolled out the dough, marked it into 6 pieces and then cooked it in the oven. The children then were able to try some as a class and take some home to share with families. Comments included ‘yummy’ ‘cheesy’ ‘oniony’ and ‘delicious’.

8th October  - This week we have been exploring our numbers. We as part of this we have watched some of the numberblocks episodes and we had a go at making our own numberblocks using the unifix cubes. We have also learnt about 10 frames in our number work this week. A ten frame, is a frame with 10 spaces that can support counting. You can put an item into each square on the frame and use them to count and compare quantities. The children really enjoyed finding items to add to their 10 frame.

5th October - We have been learning and exploring the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We were lucky enough o have a visit from Mrs Farmer and her chickens this afternoon. The children loved meeting the chickens, especially being able to have a little stroke. Many children were really surprised at how soft the chickens were. The children had lots of questions about how they search for food, if they could really make bread and how do they lay an egg. We also learnt the names for the different parts of the chicken and what things they like to eat. Thank you Mrs Farmer and the chickens! 😊

17th September -This week as part of our topic work to explore our surroundings we have been remembering our tour around the school and using pictures to make our own maps.

6th September - The children have been exploring their new environment getting busy with lots of activities inside and outside of the classroom.