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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Class News

Thankyou Bridport!

We are proud to serve the community of Bridport who are always so supportive of our children,  but we have been overwhelmed by their support this term. Morrisons provided a whole box of food so that our year 6 students could cook and enjoy a special Mexican fiesta. 



Each year we present our year 6 leavers with a bible of their choice to remind them of their time at St Mary's and support them in their next step. With budgets tight we have been struggling to continue to provide this. Once again the amazing community of Bridport stepped into the gap - every single one of our 32 children were given a bible by someone within our community, making their bible even more special.






Staff, pupils and parents want to say a huge thankyou to the Bridport community!

End of year music festival

Hola Mexico - cooking and eating!

Day of the dead mask making

Year Six SATS parents briefing  

As you will know, your child will be taking part in the governments national test for year 6 pupils: SATS in May this year. 

To help you understand how the tests work and how you can best support your child we would like to invite you to a short briefing with myself and Mrs Batorska. These will take place on: 

Monday the 24th of February at 2.50 PM Or Friday the 28th of February at 8.50 AM 


We do hope you will attend to help work with us to support your child. 

This term the children have explored the Arctic and Antarctic through our topic, The Frozen Kingdom. As well as understanding the geographical locations and features we have also explored the creatures and how they are adapted to these harsh climates.

Children are really looking forward to sharing their amazing adaptations including: the rabbipotimus, the babbalagu-babbalagu beast and narcia whale. Parents evening will be on Tuesday the 25th and Wednesday the 26th of February.


Alongside the animals of the polar regions we have also looked at glaciers, ice sheets and icebergs!











The children observed and discussed them within the water before removing them and using their hands and a range of tools to investigate further. The children were particularly fascinated by the opportunity to smash them and see the air pockets inside!











Within maths lessons we have been focusing on geometry, including angles, shapes and perimeter- area and volume.








After this we revisited and extended our learning about multiplication and division, particularly using the formal methods for calculating these.


The class have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and the opportunities to really explore the vocabulary involved. They would massively benefit from the chance to practise long multiplication (3/ 4 or 5 digit x 2 digit numbers: 4678 x 24)


Finally as part of Arts Week we have investigated the tribal people of the Arctic and particularly focused on the Inuits and their art forms. Children sculpted a range of wonderful creations out of soap:









Feel free to try at home - 3 bars of soap are just 50p at Morrisons!


We also had Mr Maudsley join us again (sadly not as part of the "Golden Rings" election promises) and we created some nature poetry; focusing on the sights, smells and sounds experienced by animals around us. Be prepared to see these wonderful creations on display!

Frozen Kingdom home learning challenges

Year 6 has my vote!

This term politics and elections have been a key focus for Year 6. At the beginning of the term we took part in UK Parliament Week and our school councillors (Tyler and Tianna) did a fantastic job of organising and running a class debate. The debate focused on "Should we have uniform at St Marys?"

Children debated a whole variety of points and it was brilliant to see peoples opinions develop and extend throughout the discussion. Pupils largely agreed that uniform was a good idea but would like to see more non-uniform days, perhaps as rewards or awards!


The class also created their own political parties and canvassed pupils across the school for their votes. We had:

The Pupil Party

The Squeeze O neens

The Golden Rings

The Ginger Gamers

The UK warriors





















Pupils created a great array of policies, presented speeches in assembly and it was wonderful to see their teamwork and social skills improve. They faced some challenges: not least the fear of failure. Crucially they overcame them and all did themselves, their parties and the school proud. 


Later in the term we had three of the four candidates for the West Dorset MP position visit the class: Edward Morello (Lib Dem Party), Chris Loder (Conservative Party) and Kelvin Clayton (Green Party.)


Children asked an excellent range of questions regarding the candidates  personal and professional lives and experiences. The candidates were very impressed by the range of questions from the children (and challenged!)

Watch out on the website for their biographies and news reports (Children's work.)



Wonderful Wildside!

We had the most incredible time at Wildside Experience in Devon. 

Children tried a whole range of new experiences, including:

Eating around a campfire (in the dry)


 Eating around campfire (in the rain!)



Handling animals




 With chocolate rewards!



Trying new foods: delicious homemade tomato sauce with pasta  and vegetable curry!


Collecting firewood!


 A zipline through the woods in the day and night!


Our time at Wildside were filled with plenty of new experiences, challenges, learning  . . . 



    and smiles!!!!

Visitors galore!

We've been fortunate to have four fascinating visitors joining us over the past few weeks.

First up Reverend Pete came in to talk about his great passions and interest: the Second World War and what it would have been like for those living in Bridport and the surrounding areas. Children were amazed that only residents of West Bay would have been allowed into the area and they would have seen mines on the beach!

Children also had the chance to try on Reverend Pete's military gear - he did have to check that it was all returned or he might end up with a fine!



We then had a visit from Lily's grandad, Harry who spoke about his life and journey through employment. Children were fascinated by his passion for folk music and we sang "The Gypsy rover" together:


If you would like to come in and speak about your experience of the War or to talk to the children about your job please do get in touch with one of the Year 6 team



Sheltering under their tables. What is going on in year 6?

This term in year 6 our topic is: A Child's War. The topic studies World War 2 from the perspective of children who lived in and through the war.


To help the children immerse themselves in the topic the children came into school dressed as evacuees and were evacuated around the country: Teignmouth, North-Allerton, Ripon and Newmarket were just some of the places they were sent to.



Over the morning we looked at images and diaries from real evacuees and discussed how we felt being separated from our friends and sent off to a variety of towns and villages around the country. Many of the places we had never heard of!


The children brought in a small box containing key items they would have taken with them. Everything from photographs to chicken nuggets?!








In the afternoon we began to explore rationing with help from our wonderful cook Mel. The children peeled, sliced and grated a variety of root vegetables to turn into a delicious vegetable soup similar to that eaten during the war. 













Our verdict?  . . . . . . delicious!