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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Class news

Term 4 - World book day, fossils and back together!

What a fantastic term! Two weeks of remote learning didn't seem so challenging when we knew we could all be back together! Back together we started our exciting new topic: Darwin's Delights. Being Dorset Dudes we decided to focus our attention on local legend Mary Anning!


Mrs Samuel coordinated a fantastic World Book Day - the potato designing and Masked Reader challenge were certainly our highlights. We also loved drawing with illustrator and author Rob Biddulph - aka "Draw with Rob". Grab a pencil and check out his amazing videos here:



















(The children were initially concerned that a supply teacher had replaced Mr Houston!)












We began our topic with the help of Anna - palaeontologist and local fossil hunter - from the Charmouth Heritage centre. We hired a range of incredible fossils from the centre: devil's toenails, snake stones and ram's horns! Anna explored the fossils and the amazing finds local to us - 2 days later several of the class returned from local beaches with their own fossil hauls!


As we learned about the work of Charles Darwin and evolution we explored his ideas about the adaptation of finch beaks using a variety of different tools.





























Term 3 - Remote learning 2.0 - Frozen Kingdom

Another challenging term for year 6 but WOW have they excelled. Growing ever confident with the use of Teams, students were able to access a variety of maths, literacy and topic learning each day alongside 3 live lessons a week. Alongside this many were able to come in and visit for tutoring sessions.


This term we have focused on our topic: Frozen Kingdom all about life in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The children in school and at home have been able to learn about and produce prints and soap carving in the style of Inuit art and scenes reminiscent of the Northern lights.

















During our science and topic lessons we explored the geography of these regions, learning about great glaciers that calve icebergs the size of skyscrapers! We made our own icebergs (check out Frank's amazing shape!) and then allowed them float and melt in saltwater as we explored their structure and change - before finally we smashed them!






















We also investigated the amazing adaptations that animals have, ensuring that they can survive the harsh winters in these remote regions. In our final experiment of the term we explored how animals insulate themselves against the cold using air, fur and blubber - Mr Houston thoroughly enjoyed spreading lard on our gloved hands!


Finally a huge congratulations to Zach - winner of our Amazing adaptations challenge. His incredible powerpoint about the Leopard Seal made Mr Houston think that we might have a future naturalist in our midst. Well done Zach!

Term 2 - Algorithms, elections and..... IT'S CHRISTMAS!

Mr Park joined us this term and the children have loved having him and his support within the class. Mr Park has been leading our computing topic - Tomorrow's World: teaching the children about the amazing power of the Wide Area Network (WAN) that we know as the internet. Children have learned how computers send and receive packets of data from across the world, we even acted out the process with Christopher and Theo acting as our highly efficient routers!






















Alongside this we developed our understanding of the power of the internet for communication, through our St Mary's election. Due to covid, the children were unable to share their policies and garner votes in the old fashioned way. Instead children developed their own formal emails to Mrs Batorska and informal emails and website content for children, including some very humorous videos. You can find all the videos here: 

Including our winners: The Super Six, who will meet with Mrs Batorska and Mr Warne and see if their policies can become a reality for our school community.


Finally as we prepared for Christmas we have made our own wrapping paper using potatoes, decorations using salt dough and of course our fantastic Snow is falling performance - where once again we showed off the wonderful singers and dancers that we are: 


Well done on a fantastic term, we are very proud of you all. Have a good rest and come back ready for our next amazing topic: Frozen Kingdom! Don't forget to try the holiday home learning challenges to get you in the mood!

And check out this awesome video about icebergs:



Term 1 - sailing, campfires, air-raids and SATS!

It has been a busy term in year 6. Back at the beginning of the term we headed off to Portland to see a real working lighthouse and explore the amazing landscape of the Bill.

I'll hand over to Olivia to explain what happened next . . . 

St Marys year 6s had the amazing opportunity to sail at the Weymouth and Portland National sailing Academy.  1 students (and 1 dad) sailed their incredible boats out into the harbour following their instructor Katie, who went in and out and around the bright orange buoys. A couple of boats tumbled over. My partner Imogen was nervous but near the end she was getting a bit more confident!




Shortly after we did some more teambuilding through a walk to Eype beach, then tea, night games and a campfire back at school. For many of the class this was their first time visiting Eype beach or playing games in the dark - fun was had by all!


Through these trips we grew stronger together as a class and as individuals. We as staff loved getting to know the children more and all their wonderful individual characteristics!

We then threw ourselves into our topic: A Child's War. By dressing up as evacuees, making rationing soup and designing and testing Anderson shelters: we have learnt about the experiences of children during this important period in our history. 

Evacuees, rationing and Anderson shelters

We hope you all have a very happy half term with your families. Your children have settled back into school life and life as year 6 amazingly. I cannot express how proud of them we all were watching their resilience and positivity when they sat some practise SATs - incredible!