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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Dorset Police Road Safety Education - newsfeed 2


Dorset Schools recognised for their commitment to road safety education


Well done to the winners of the bronze, silver and gold awards given to primary and secondary schools for their achievement providing road safety education in partnership with Dorset Road Safe.


To see the winners and the article in DRS newsfeed copy and paste the link below.


It's getting darker!


Be safe, be seen when out and about during these dull days and as the months get darker. It's important to be seen by drivers as human eyesight struggles when we are in changing light conditions especially as it darkens. Wear something fluorescent, or reflective that breaks your body shape, that means you are 3 times more likely to stand out against the dark environment than just wearing white. Fluorescent material is effective outside during the daytime as it reacts the ultra-violet light. Reflective material works in the dark as it has a special surface to reflect lights such as street lighting or vehicle headlights. A combined approach by all road users for greater awareness of each other would reduce risk on our roads. Drivers to use dipped headlights to light the way ahead will be reflected if vulnerable road users are using hi-viz and reflective items or garments. Being a road aware community can save lives and is a great safety lesson for children and young adults. A nice way to incorporate this into lessons or at home is a fashion parade or the brightest garments you can wear or design your own.