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Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an online reward system which allocates each child their own
cartoon avatar and records the points the children earn for different
achievements in school. The points are counted up each week and the top
achievers will get to choose a reward. Any Dojos given for Achievement will
mean a stamp in your child’s Achievement chart which will count towards
their bronze, silver or gold lapel badge. Working as a team is also encouraged
so children will also gain ‘class points’ for a whole group rewards.

We would encourage all parents/carers to download the APP or access the website to log on to the system so that you can track your child’s achievements within school. As parents, you will be able to read posts uploaded by teachers on both the Class Story page (public) and your child’s personal story page (private). You will be able to ‘like’ these posts and leave a comment (please ensure all comments are positive and school related). You will also receive a weekly review of your child’s points earned that week.

As pupils, the children will be able to set up their own account and read the Class Story and their own story. They can also customise their Class Dojo avatar and watch the growth mind-set videos. They also have the ability to upload posts to their own page, however these need to be authorised by their teacher before they can be seen on their page. Only posts related to school and learning will be accepted and no pictures of themselves or others should be uploaded. These will be declined immediately for data protection and safeguarding purposes.

Class Dojo Login