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Eco School

We have an active and committed Eco-Team who are constantly monitoring our energy usage, waste and recycling. They work with the school office. Gardeners (HOME Project) and our cooks to ensure that we are doing everything we can. The team is led by Mrs Batorska and Miss Barnes. Find out about more of our work below.

    Our work began in 2019 when the eco club decided to launch:

The St Mary’s climate fight back.

That spring, eco club started a school project to make a difference for Climate change.  Eco club led school worship about the importance of trees and came into our assembly on the 20th January to tell us about an exciting school project with the Home in Bridport Team to plant an orchard and edible hedgerow on the school grounds - read on to find out more and take a look at eco club's PowerPoint presentation below.

St. Mary's Climate Fightback Presentation

  • Why do we need trees?

To Make a difference to climate change and for providing oxygen. There is a buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Harmful CO2 contributes to climate change and is damaging our planet. Trees however fight it, they absorb CO2, removing it from the air and storing it while releasing oxygen. Only one tree is needed to produce enough oxygen for four people and trees also clean the air we breathe.

  • To Provide fruit and berries.

The fruit that the trees and hedges produce can be used in school, we could be eating them in our cooked lunches, on the fruit trolley and in our cooking lessons. This would also save money as the school would not need to buy so much fruit.

  • To Encourage wildlife.

Trees and hedges also contribute to boosting biodiversity as they become a food source and natural habitat for wildlife. The trees and hedges will attract many types of birds, insects and bees.

  • Where will the trees grow?

The trees and hedges will be planted in the school field, between the school football pitch and the hedge belonging to the Bridport football club. It will be named Orchard Avenue, we took some photos of where it will be.
The planting will take place in early spring, you and your families and others from the local community will be invited to come along and help, digging holes and planting will be lots of fun. This will then be followed by hot food and drinks.

  • How can you help?

The school gardeners, also known as The edible garden team, have applied for a grant to help towards purchasing the small trees. However, this will not be enough to cover all the costs.
This is where you can all become involved. We are going to organise a sponsored community litter pick, if every child in the school could raise £20 that would be fantastic. We thought it would be fun to make this a fancy-dress event. Maybe dress as a flower, a gardener or even a tree! At the end of the litter pick we will finish with hot chocolate and biscuits.

Climate Fight Back