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At St Mary’s vision is to build a caring community, where all can learn and shine. 

As a church school, we are inspired by the teaching of Jesus, to Love God and love others as we love ourselves. 

Our curriculum aims to develop key knowledge and skills that support this vision. 

We believe that geography should inspire in our pupils a life-long curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. We aim to equip pupils with a knowledge of the diversity of people, cultures and places in the world and an understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Pupils will understand the links between these aspects and the issues that arise as a result of studying them.  Therefore, we will engage pupils with contemporary geographical issues such as climate change, plastic waste and deforestation.   

As children progress through St Mary’s, we provide them with experiences that allow them to develop their geographical skills which helps them carry out and interpret fieldwork.  This will involve conducting fieldwork in the local area, enabling pupils to understand their connections to the wider world.  Above all, we want pupils to be proud of their knowledge and the work that they produce.  Therefore, at the end of units, opportunities are provided to share learning that they are proud of.