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Our topic: Tomorrow's World focuses on communication and how it has changed and continues to change. We will be finding out about and creating blogs, podcasts and emails. We will be designing and making our own webpages for the school website based on our political parties. We will be learning to programme robots using algorithms and debugging errors.

We will also be finding out about the famous people who have moved technology forward, encouraging the children to use and enjoy technology safely and thoughtfully.

Before you start why not  find out how the internet works with this helpful video from the BBC:

Lesson 1: Searching the web

Can you Google? Is that the only option? Find out about the range of search engines with these lessons.

Lesson 2: Selecting search results

The web is an amazing invention but there is so much information out there. How does your search engine know how to find what you need? How can you help it to be more effective?

Lesson 3: How search results are chosen and ordered

Let's go a bit deeper into the search engine- but be prepared to step away from your computer and go unplugged!

Lesson 4: Who is selecting your search results?

In this lesson we will look at how to make your searches more effective and how businesses and organisations can make their information more effective so that the search engine selects it for you.

Lesson 5: How can we communicate?

We will look at different ways of communicating and then focus on those available through the internet. Which do you prefer?

Lesson 6: How can we communicate safely?

Get your thinking cap on - in the case studies what would you do to be safe and responsible online?