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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Sports @ St Mary's

Year 6 Tag Rugby

Year 6 

Tag Rugby






On Saturday the 12th March 2022, 12 St. Mary’s year 6 pupils went to Bridport leisure centre to play a tag rugby tournament against 8 other local schools.

Firstly, teams gathered in the leisure centre carpark and did some practice: passing the ball to each other backwards and forwards and tagging drills. Then they went down to the rugby field to watch 2 games before finally St Marys played their first game. Macy, aged 11, said ‘’It was cold by the time we started but once we were playing I really enjoyed it - it was very fun.’’

In their first game, St Mary’s won against Marshwood primary. They went on to win a further 4 games! Will, aged 11, told us that even though they lost against St.Catherines primary it was a close game. Mr Houston, the class teacher and coach, said; “watching St Marys play was so exciting! Every game was really close because our team never gave up and played so well together.”

St.Marys school showed excellent teamwork and their observation and speed meant they very often managed to get the other teams tags and turn the game to their advantage. We asked Miriam what her favourite game was and she said‘’Broadwindsor was my favourite game because the people on the team were very kind and friendly towards us.’’

At the end of all the games, all of the students got either a free hotdog or a free burger.

The final scores:

1st. St.Catherines

2nd. Parrot and Axe

3rd. Marshwood

4th. Salway-ash

5th. St.Marys

6th. Mrs Ethelstons

7th. Greenford a


9th.Greenford b


Written by Eva Brown

Year 5 Archery

Year 5 Archery


A2Z Adventures


As part of their topic work 1066, Year 5 took part in an archery session practicing firing at targets with images of William the Conqueror, Harold Godwinson and a Saxon solider. Although some of the children were hesitant, after the safety briefing, to be using real arrows they soon overcame their fear and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 



Yesterday, we did archery.  It connected to our topic, the Normans and 1066, and because they used bows and arrows, Mrs Rowe got an archer named Paul to teach us.  Let me explain how it went.  It was in the afternoon, and we started at 1pm.   I was in group 4 with my friend Georgia.  At 2.30pm it was our turn.  When we got to the hall Paul explained the safety rules.  No getting arrows until said, and to be sure no-one is behind you when pulling the arrows out.  Since we used real bows and arrows. We used our target (which was William the Conqueror).



I was probably overly confident, if I was honest but I was wrong, as I missed every single shot at Harold Godwinson the target.  I was disappointed.  I didn't think I was rubbish but after that I realised it was my stiff jeans!



Year 6 Orienteering

Year 6 Orienteering with Mike Kite


The orienteering was loads of fun. If you do it, I can guarantee you 100% that you’ll want to do it again.

The process of it is:

1. You get a tag that you strap to your finger

2. Your partner gets a map and a list of tag readers to scan.

3. You plan out your route 4. You clear the data on the tag and start.

5. When you start you are timed for the 5 readers to tag

6. You can see your time and make up your own challenges

7. After that you can have a break and play in KS1 or KS2

8. If you walk home by yourself, you can go whenever you want until 4:45, or wait for your parent/carer

You can get your scores and try to beat other people. One of the most fun parts is sprinting across the playground, planning your route and the suspense waiting for your score to print. For the first (and last time) I said I would rather be at school than be at home. I was super excited for the next time we do this, at another school.

The people who set it up will tell you everything and are really nice.

In conclusion, 10/10, Amazing.


Year 4 Futsal at Colfox



An excellent day of FUTSAL  with a change to the format to a 6 a-side game giving more playing opportunities for the children.  Eight schools took part, and all  all showed great sportsmanship and attitudes throughout.

KS2 Cross country individual races.

KS2 Cross Country Individual Races


Boggy, wet conditions meant for a very fun afternoon, lost trainers


funny false starts!



The runners that went to Beaminster cross country individual races showed such a fantastic team effort, they showed great kindness to each other by encouraging and giving positive comments when others were struggling.


The St Mary's children all finished their races, even though they were exhausted and realised they might have been one of the last to finish. The St Mary's team members ran along the last stretch with some of the children to help keep them motivated, encouraging them to keep going and cross the finish line. 

Even though we did not win anything the children's positivity and endurance shone through.



Kenway Cup

Year 5 and 6 Kenway Cup match


On Wednesday afternoon 10th November 2021 Year 5 and 6  participated in the second pool of the Kenway cup tournament at Bridport Primary.


The first game was played was against Parret and Axe and started off well with both sides looking like they were evenly matched until Parret and Axe scored their first goal.  However, before the finial whistle St Mary's managed to score a goal making the first game a draw.


With each game being just 16 minutes the children realised how quickly the time went and were spurred on to move more quickly.  St Mary's second game was against Greenfield and both teams showed great determination to score some goals and it proved to be an exciting match to watch.  St Mary's scored a great goal from far out in the field but soon after Greenfield equalised.  This didn't dampen the team spirit and our St Mary's team kept up their motivation to play an excellent game.  Unfortunately, Greenfield went on to score two more goals so the finial result of that match was 3-1 to Greenfield.


The next match was against St Catherine's and even through the Year 5 and 6 children knew this was going to be a tough match, with an encouraging chat from Mrs Randall and Mr Holmes-Good, the children from St Mary's showed great team spirit to play a great game using some excellent skills and endurance.  The St Mary's team showed some great passing, team work and communication and finished the match on 5-0 to St Mary's.


The children had played three games straight after each other and were beginning to feel tired but gathered their strength and determination to play a game against Mrs Ethelston's Primary School.  St Mary's defended well in this game as Mrs Ethelston's were a strong team to play and the children's legs were feeling tired and they finished 2-1 to Mrs Ethelston's.  


The finial game was against Broadwinsor and with a change to St Mary's goalie and another sub change the children felt a renewed surge of energy.  They relaxed into the game and passed the ball around showing more great communication and defending skills.  The match finished to make it 2-0 to St Mary's.


Well done St Mary's you showed great team skills and determination.



Bronze Ambassador Training

Bronze Ambassadors

Year 5

Some Year 5 children were chosen to represent St Mary's and help to promote an active school lifestyle.  They spent the day at Redlands Community Sports Centre and were given lots of help to train them to become confident ambassadors of being active.  They were taught why it is important to be active, games to play and teach other children, how to lead a group of children and facilitate them to start their own games and decide how they were going to promote activity in St Mary's.  As a group they decided that they wanted to create an activity festival afternoon as a whole school event and also  start a weekly games and skills club for KS1 and KS2.


Below are their reviews of the training and the day.



What I enjoyed about the Bronze Ambassador Training was learning new games such as Switch, Rock, Paper, Scissors and the Plate Game.

I learnt that sports are important to keep you healthy as well as being fun!

At school I hope to teach children the importance of exercise and sport. I also want to teach them the new games I have learnt.



The day: The day was the best experience ever. There was so much to do and learn, technically just fun!

What did you learn?: I learnt many things but if I had to choose I would say I learnt about the rules. Also that it has to be fun and that you need one hour of exercise per day.

What will you do with the training?: I will make the next generation sporty with all my friends.

That’s why Bronze Ambassadors helps a lot!



What did you enjoy about the day?

I enjoyed learning lots of new games, having fun and seeing friends from other schools.

What did you learn?

I learnt a lot of new games like Switch, Rock, Paper, Scissors and a plate game.

What will you do with the training?

I will encourage people to enjoy games and sports.



I enjoyed making a workshop so we could get all the classes out and show them what we have learnt.

I learnt how to make a workshop, make our own games and showing what games we can do.

I will bring the training to school and show the classes about what we learnt and what they taught us.





What I enjoyed was that we had fun activities that we can remember and bring the ideas to our school. 

We learnt how to be a good representative for the school and how to act like one.

With the training we can always take ideas from them and make our own. We can add to them and make them bigger and better.



We (eight people in our class) went on a trip by coach.

It is my belief that it was to a college ibn Weymouth but it may not have been. When we were there we did many fun activities. I think my favourite part was when we used a cone and a bell to make our own games. I think in the future I will use the training for Sports Ambassador related thins in my school.



I enjoyed all of it but my favorite thing was the catching and throwing game that Isabel, Matilda, Emelia and I did. We called it Switch Up. I Iearned a new game to teach people at school and other place. They are really fun -  honestly! I will take what I have learnt back to school and teach people exercise for 60 minutes a day and to eat healthily. I will teach them first be healthy and second be fit.



What I enjoyed about ambassador training the most is that when we were doing the activities we mixed with lots of other schools and used teamwork to complete them.

What I learned

  • I learned to be a leader.
  • I learned new games to teach children how to play.
  • I learned to keep active and do lots of exercise.
  • I learned new ways of keeping your body healthy.

I will teach other children how to play new games and stay healthy and active. I will also teach them how to use teamwork and believe in themselves.


Year 5 and 6 Bikeability


In October the Year 5 and 6 children had the opportunity to participate in the Bikeability scheme which is a  cycle training programme that teaches children practical skills and gives them the understanding and expertise they need to ride their bikes on the road.  Some of the Year 5 children have given an overview of what they learnt over the course.




Before Bikeability you will need to check the

  • air
  • brakes
  • chain

In level one we just rode on our bikes around the playground, practising basic things like learning how to use our brakes and how to signal.

In level two, first we were practising on the road to check if there is anything coming and stop on the road. Then we went to practise some U turns and signalling. We learnt how to ride a bike safely on the road. With the training we will be able to ride our bikes long distances and after each level we got a badge and a certificate.



On level 2, I enjoyed being outside. I learnt more bike skills and all about bike safety. Now I will do more bike rides and be safe.



I enjoyed Bikeability because it is doing what I enjoy to do for a day. I learnt how to ride on the roads safely. Using the training I will soon be riding my bike to most places.

Year 6 Sailing

Year 6 survive and thrive at sailing!  


On Tuesday the 14th of September 2021 25 children, two teachers (Mr Samuel and Mr Holmes-Good), one mum (Ms Brooke) and one dad (Mr Andrews) tried sailing RS zest dinghies at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. 

Before they could begin the children had to get prepared. Many children were complaining about how the wetsuits were a struggle to get on and how they were very hot inside. Once they were in the right kit, the kind and helpful instructors taught them how to set up their boats. 

Getting on the boat was a struggle the children were complaining about how cold the water was as they got into their boats, but this was soon forgotten as they sailed along. 
Many of the students went straight out with their sailing partners but some students were more cautious. Mya - a fearful student who went sailing –said “I was very scared but a lovely instructor called Katy helped me to get back out onto the water by making me think that Hogwarts (my dream school) was on the other side.” 

Thanks to the Rod Shipley foundation children only had to pay £5 when the sailing normally costs £35! The children loved the experience of sailing and they all said how they wanted to try it again, but they did complain about how cold they were after jumping around in the sea!  


By Lacey Rowe and Eva Brown