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Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Vision Statement: Building a caring community, where all can learn and shine!

Sports @ St Mary's

St Mary's 'Not Quite Olympic' Sports Day


The children at St Mary's showed great enthusiasm and creativity for their virtual, home and school achieved sports day.  Throughout the day children completed challenges set by their class teachers and sent in videos and photos documenting their creativity, enthusiasm and amazing achievements.

There were awards for class with most points, individual awards for most points achieved within each class, individual points for ingenuity, creativity and effort and the personal challenges.


Overall whole class points:

  • Gold - Year 3
  • Silver - Year 6
  • Bronze - Year 2


Most points within class:

  • Gold - Harry, Callum, George B, Elizabeth, Logan, Theo M, Rebecca.
  • Silver - Jaxson, Joseph, Charlie, Alistair, Sofia, Baylee, Kai.
  • Bronze - Emily, Willow J, Kamila, Isabel, Oliver, Jess, Rhys.


Individual class points:

  • Ingenuity - Frank, Hugo, Olivia, Emelia, Amelia, Theo S, Oscar.
  • Creativity - Sophie, Deanna, Daisy, Georgia, James, Frank, Keira.
  • Effort - Kaiden, Poppy S, Ollie, Kacper, Max, Ollie E, Hayden.


Lastly, a huge congratulations to all the children of St Mary's for taking part and showing their best effort under such tricky circumstances.


St Mary's Sports Day Personal Challenge


Congratulations to the following children for carrying out and completing their Sports Day Personal Challenges:


  • Emelia, Ethan, Karl.
  • Archie
  • Kamila, Eve, Charlie, Imogen, Connor, Tyler, George, Harrison, Leland, Molly-Anna, Freddie.
  • Kacper, Alistair, Georgia, Emelia, Elizabeth, JAck, Joey, Amelie, Maisie, Ryley, Thomas, Mylo, Dexter, Isabel, Lily, Lilly.
  • Eva, James, Max, Sophia, Amelia, Oliver.
  • Connor, Charlie, Heidi, Baylee.
  • All of Year 6

Year 3 and 4 Football Tournament 


On Thursday 12th March a mix of ten children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a football tournament against other local Bridport schools.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the matches and although they didn’t make it through to the final showed great team skills and sportsmanship.  They should feel very proud of how well they represented their school.

Sports Relief 2020


This year we are taking part in Sports Relief by asking the children to learn 'The Foot Shake Dance'.  We are looking at our school value of compassion this team and hope that by taking part in Sports Relief we encourage the children to behave and think compassionately towards themselves and others.


We are hoping that by using the Foot Shake Dance it will encourage the children on a personal challenge level, using their resilience and perseverance skills,  as well as their team work skills to achieve, on Friday, a whole school Dance.  


Mrs Poole and the Bronze Sports Ambassadors will be teaching the children how to Foot Shake but if you child wants to practice then the following tutorial will give them an idea of how to achieve the dance and get some extra practice.


Foot Shake dance Challenge | Tik Tok | Tutorial


Kenway Cup


7th February 2020

A fantastic team performance away at St Catherine's today.

St Marys in red, showed great passing skills within the 4 boys, Junior , Oliver.N, Theo and Orran, with all three of them producing great balls for speedy Theo to run onto. All players showed great strength and skill to defend and to keep pressure on the blues from getting past.Oscar made some phenominal saves but losing 2-0 made the reds more determined to score a goal, and that's exactly what we did. Fantastic triangle passing from Oscar (goalie) to the defence to midfield for that important pass for Theo to run onto and score a smashing goal. Team spirit was high as we have scored a goal. The Final score didn't matter for the reds as they played the game with confidence, communication and great passing. The finish wasn't there but Overall it was a very disciplined performance where the defence looked solid and every attack looked dangerous. The Man of The Match was awarded to Orran Maudsley (y6) and Junior (Y5), who virtually won every single ball throughout the match and looked very dangerous when going forward. The praise went to Olly E. Kara and Oliver N who didn't give up and kept persevering the pressure to stop the Blues from scoring more goals. 

Final score 6-1


31st January 2020

Our school played a brilliant football match on Friday 31st January in the second match of the Kenway cup.

This match was a seven a-side game.  Junior (Y5) scored a goal and Orran (Y6) was captain for the game. Theo Smith kept the game alive with some brilliant dribbling and fast running down the line, and superb defending from Orla, Kara, Chris, and Olly E. Oliver N (Y5) also committed himself to try and achieve a goal. Orran cleared one of the line to help his best friend Oscar out. Oscar (Y6) was outstanding and showing his goalkeeper skills like a real professional. St Marys put up a good fight in the second half, but their display was not good enough to beat the defence of Symonsbury. 

At the end of the match St Marys gave the winning team Symonsbury a huge cheer and shook hands showing respect. 

Player of the week goes to Theo Smith in Y5 and Kara Lee in Y6 – Well Done!


The whole team shown great endurance, empathy, commitment and great teamwork.


8th November 2019


On Friday 8th, pupils in year 5 and 6 from St Mary's Primary School played a football match against Salway Ash. We lost 7-0 but all the players played brilliantly and showed great compassion and teamwork. Oscar Smith got man of the match for his amazing saves and communication as a goalie. We have lots more hope for our next matches. 

Orran - Year 6

Multi-skills Year 2


On Thursday 24th of October Year 2 went to Colfox to take part in some multiskills.  We climbed on to couch and I sat next to Lola and was in a group with Poppie.  We arrived at the school, we listened to the instructions of what games to play.  We then tried to chuck a ball in to a hoop.  It was great fun.  We moved to lots of different activities, the next one was cones where we held a ball and walked around the cones. Finally it was time to come home.


Harrison Year 2


Lion’s Club of Bridport Swimarathon

Sunday 6th October


Nine children, forming two relay teams, showed great perseverance and determination as well as a huge amount of encouragement for their team mates on Sunday; as part of the Lion’s Club annual swimarathon.  They entered the event to represent St Mary’s Primary School and raise money for local causes by swimming a combined total of 95 laps of pool. 

Congratulations to all of you for such an amazing effort.

Fit4Kids Workshop – 25th September 2019


Nathan and Paul from Fit4Kids visited St Mary’s on Wednesday 25th September to give each year group a workshop on how they can be active and healthy every day.

Each workshop was split into two sections; the first was about all pupils understanding sugar and the effects it has on the human body. Identifying the amount of sugar in selected food and drinks, looking at ways to spot this (e.g. through using the traffic light system) and understanding daily allowances – highlighting the importance and giving them ideas and methods on how to make healthier choices when outside of school.  Then the children got active and moving – performing different exercises which utilised a variety of different muscle groups.

The children really enjoyed the discussion about sugar in foods and found the exercises challenging and fun.


Imogen Year 5 - ‘We did lots of exercises and it was amazing and exercising is fun.  We also learnt we shouldn’t have too much sugar.  We should have our five a day or if we are very good to go for seven a day to stay healthy.’


Sophie Year 5 – ‘I enjoyed the workout, particularly the push-ups.  I also learnt that before we buy our food we should look at the traffic lights on the packet which tells us how much fat, sugar and salt the food has.’

Remember to follow Physical Education at St Mary’s on Twitter @StMarysPE


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